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  • Planning solution
  • Concept board
  • 3D Visualizations
  • Selection of materials
  • Construction drawings

Design projects 2022 - 2021

Hanna Ivanova


Interior design studio Anna Ivanova, specializing in professional interior design Dnipro, residential and commercial premises.
Professional approach. Individual design of houses, apartments. Author's supervision.
Implementation of projects from idea to final result. Selection of ecological finishing materials, furniture, textiles, office equipment and accessories.

The composition of the design project

  • Planning solution
  • 3D Visualizations
  • Selection of materials
  • Construction drawings

Additionally: architectural supervision

3d rendering

You can order design projects of any interiors from us. It does not matter if it is an apartment or a restaurant, a beauty salon or a private house.

We are always open for cooperation and welcome any of your suggestions. Contact us, we will be glad to cooperate.


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Apartment interior design

Our home is the place where we feel safe, recharged with energy and spend time with our loved ones. From here follows the conclusion that the interior design of the apartment should be thought out from important details to the most insignificant. Interior design studio Hanna Design always starts its work from the customer's preference, complementing his idea and wishes with fashion trends in the design world, selecting the right ecological finishing materials and creating a modern comfortable environment. With this approach, you can come to a consensus in design and create coziness and harmony in your home. Even the smallest details are of great importance in interior design because they create your world, fill your home with comfort and individuality. Each square meter of your apartment carries a special meaning and therefore we will create the interior design of the apartment not only beautiful and harmonious, but also take into account all the features of the purpose of the interior design.

bathroom design

When a bathroom design project is created, it is always necessary to take into account not only external attributes, but also functionality. The bath room has long gone from the hygiene room, now this place should help us relax after a long day or give us cheerfulness in the morning or just retire and create our own spa salon. In our portfolio you can see the design options for the Dnipro bathroom, implemented and developed by the interior design studio Hanna Design

Kitchen interior design

When developing a kitchen interior design, you need to take into account many points and decisions, planning is one of the most important stages in a design project. When planning a kitchen, you need to take into account the size of the room; the shape and area of ​​\u200b\u200bkitchen furniture and work surfaces will depend on this. The convenient location of all components is when they are in the quick access zone. The color scheme is also important to consider when planning the interior design of the kitchen. Color can influence a person's appetite and, of course, his mood. It is also worth taking care of well and easily cleaned surfaces. In our portfolio you can see the options for the interior design of the Dnieper kitchen.

Living room interior design

Living room interior design is the basis of the whole design concept. This is the place where the whole family meets, where you receive guests, celebrations and parties are held. The interior should be primarily functional, you need to take into account the number of people who can come to you so that it would be convenient for everyone to settle down somewhere. It is also important to think over the competent arrangement of all furniture, choose the right color scheme and create different moods with the help of light.

Children's room design

Creating an interior design for a children's room is always fun, the designer plunges into the world of the child and sees it through his eyes. Agree, you need to take into account all sizes, materials, areas for playing, for sleeping, for studying. All these moments will influence the development of your child, the formation of his character, habits.

When developing a design project for a children's room, you need to take into account the age of the child, the gender of the child, his preferences, hobbies, hobbies. In our portfolio you will find examples of our design of a children's room in the Dnieper.

Bedroom interior design

Bedroom - here we can use all our wishes and preferences, here a person is resting gaining strength, your productivity the next day depends on what kind of sleep you will have. We do not let strangers into this room - this is our temple of sleep. The interior design of the bedroom can be made in any style and color scheme, the main task is to make you feel relaxed and comfortable there. Look at the design projects of the Dnieper bedroom in our portfolio.

Design project of an apartment

The terms of execution of the design project of an apartment are on average 1-2 months for an apartment (100 sq. m) and 2-3 months for a house (250 sq. m). High-quality development of a design project, we will think over every detail and detail.